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Cleaning & Maintenance

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Chemspa Swipe - Gym Equipment Cleaner

SWIPE is an all-purpose cleaner for gym equipment, chrome, glass, mirrors, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, and appliances. Just spray and wipe. No rinsing necessary. Watch the shine come through!

Chemspa Sauna Kleena

Powerful sauna cleaner. Gentle on wood. Rejuvenates your sauna.

Chemspa Steam Kleena - Steam Room Cleaner

Powerful steam room cleaner. The perfect complement to Club Aroma fragrances. Can be used straight for maximum effectiveness or diluted up to 5 to 1 for economy. Simply spray and wipe.

Chemspa Blast - Heavy Duty Cleaner

Blast is a heavy-duty cleaner. Blast will make floors, walls and ceilings sparkle. It is also great for shower stalls, ceramic tile, concrete, stone, vinyl and metal surfaces.

Ring-Go - Whirlpool Foam Eliminator

Chemspa No-Foam - Whirlpool Foam Eliminator - 1 gallon